Simple things in life makes me happy!

Hi everyone, welcome back

I am a believer of the fact that everyday there is something simple that we can do to make ourselves happy.

Just a smile or someone being nice to me makes me happy, feeling the sun on my face and drink a coffee makes me happy, simple music can make me sing, a simple hug can make me feel better….

Look at the sky, listening to the sound of rain against the window, fresh flowers, going on a road trip, all of this simple things make me feel happy.

I’m a positive person, and I like to surround myself with positive people.

The conclusion… I am blessed because I’m alive….


I hope you enjoyed reading about the simple things that makes me happy.

What makes you happy ?


Anita xx


1 Year blog anniversary – Giveaway

Hi everyone, welcome back

I have a love for the beauty & fashion industry that I want to share with the world,  that’s why I started my blog on 13 of January 2017,  exactly 1 year a go ….

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I wrote my first blog post, What I can say! thanks you so much for every comment, appreciation, support and immense love!!!

It has been such an amazing journey for me !!

Through this blog I’ve met some nice people and I learned so many things. It has been a good experience for me!

For all your support along this year,  I want to do a giveaway !

I will giveaway some of my favourite drugstore products.


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This giveaway ends in a month time ( 14.02.2018) good luck , and thank you one more time.  This giveaway is international. 





My New Year resolutions

Hi everyone, welcome back

Each year we say we’ll start doing this, or stop doing that. But more often than not our big plans get dashed sometime in January. I definitely want to focus in doing what’s make’s me happy.

So here are my new year resolutions:


1 – Take a vacation
2 – Eat healthy
3 – More excercise
4 – Travel More
5 – Spending more time developing my blog
6 – Enjoy life more
7 – More patient
8 – Save money
9 – To be full time makeup artist


I started some changes in my life when I find out I have overactive Thyroid, this make me think about my life, and more to the future, I started eat gluten free and more healthy food. So one of the things I really want for the new year is to have my health problem resolved and be healthy….

Happy new year ! 

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1000 followers – Thank you

Hi everyone, welcome back


I hit 1000 followers on my blog!

On Friday evening, I finally hit 1000 followers and I could not be more happy. I’ve worked hard since the start of the year to produce content on this blog, I started this blog in January, and I love it …. I am a massive beauty and lifestyle enthusiast and thought it would be fun to jot things down and share with people things that I love and get excited about. I am so happy to reached the 1000 followers.

I just wanna say a big thank you to each and every one of you for being here,  I appreciate all your support and feedback… I’ll try my best to keep posting good contents.

Again, thank you so incredibly much for reading and following my blog! Every single piece of support means so much to me.

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Thanks 😉

Anita xx 

Victoria’s secret satin lip crayon review 

Hi everyone, welcome back

Victoria’s Secret have beautiful lipsticks & lip gloss,  when I go to the Victoria Secret store I’ve to look for lip products, I love them , I picked three shades from this range and today, I am going share my views ….

These are gorgeous, creamy, lip crayons which are so easy to carry in your handbag. I have been loving these lip products. The shades have full pigmentation and smooth, creamy texture. You get good coverage in a single swipe, and the colour stays on the lips for a while….

These are great to have in your lip collection.

OK, let’s get to the swatches. I’m genuinely happy how amazing these lip colours : the formula are rich and pigmented, gives me a good feeling of moisturized lips….

Have you tried Victoria’s Secret lip products ?

Thanks 😉

Anita xx

500 followers ;) THANK YOU

Hi everyone, welcome back

I reached 500 followers. I would like to say a massive thank you to every one of my followers, I’m very happy. You are all amazing, I love blogging, I have been able to blog every day but is not easy for me, I’m so busy at the moment i have many things to do and the days are to short for me…. but I love everything what I’m doing …. (I’m blogger, makeup artist, and my full time job  is Quality controller ) …. My blog started 7 months ago and I really love it….

Please feel free to comment below; ask-me any question, I will answer everything ….

Thanks 😉

Anita xx

Gift ideas

Hi everyone, welcome back

Today I want to post something different, I know for many of us is very difficult to choose a gift ….  Go to for a great selection of gifts.

Uncommongoods  have a handmade, Recycled and organic products, Uncommongoods believe the sustainability starts with integrity in everything they do, treating everyone with dignity and respect …. The main focus of this world highly named company is to supply a positive impact in the workplace.


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You also can have a great selection of gifts for him , here you can find some photos for the variety of great products.


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I really love personalize gifts, they are special and unique….

I trust that you will enjoy reading this post, as I enjoyed writing ….

Thanks 😉

Anita xx




















Eurovision Song Contest – Portugal

Hi everyone , welcome back ,

This post is different, I want to share something that make me feel very happy….

First time Portugal has won the competition.

“Music is not fireworks, music is feeling, so let’s try to do this and bring music back.”

First for Portugal

In over six decades of the Eurovision Song Contest, this is Portugal’s first win.

As a Portuguese I feel very proud of my country, for the first time we win the Eurovision, I even don’t know how to describe my feelings; emotion, happy, proud….. I remember when I was a little girl, seated on my sofa, with my family watch the Eurovision and wish for Portugal to win and after many year this just happen …. Thanks Salvador Sobral and thank you everyone that makes it possible….

Song “Amar pelos dois”

Thanks 😉

Anita xx