5 Ways to feel motivated/ inspired

Hi everyone, welcome back, today I thought it would be nice to do a lifestyle kinda post with 6 quick ways to feel motivated/inspired
1 – Surround yourself with positive people – It’s so important to be with positive and inspiring people, who share your excitement when you’re doing well, people who have goals and dreams but also people who will lift you up on a bad days….

2 -Make a list of goals – Dream! no dream is too big… if you really want something, fight for it, only you can make your dreams come true! do a list ! Write it down and tick it off every time you do it.

3 – Read a book –  Is so nice and enjoyable reading a book ! choose a book that can inspiring you! I love read! Take at least 30 minutes of your time ! and read!. Reading can inspire you by providing fresh thoughts and ideas.

4 – Find inspiration in Nature – One of my favourite things to do!  go for a walk in nature. I love how relaxing it’s to walk and simply feel the nature!

5 – Do something you enjoy – One of the the ways to feel inspired is by taking a break to do what you love.

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Anita xx


My favourite Instagram accounts

Hi everyone, welcome back

Instagram is by far my favourite from social media.  Instagram gives the opportunity to capture and to share the most awesome, crazy, and fun moments of my life. I just love using it. Today, I’m sharing my favourite Instagram accounts with you. I think those girls are very inspiring….

Camila Coelho 

Is a Brazilian blogger. It became notorious in 2010 after starting a YouTube channel posting videos about makeup. She lives in Boston. Camila has over 3 million subscribers on her Portuguese YouTube channel and 1 million subscribers on her English YouTube Channel.



Lydia Millen 

Lydia Millen is a British fashion and lifestyle blogger, she started writing about fitness, food, and lifestyle. And now, she’s a L’Oreal ambassador, she has worked with Balmain and ByTerry, and is one of the most popular Youtubers in the UK.


Luisa Accorsi 

Luisa Accorsi is a Brazilian blogger, passionate about travel, fashion, beauty, books, movies …Her photos on instagram are amazing and creative…..

Negin Mirsalehi 

Negin Mirsalehi is a popular Dutch blogger & Youtube. She have millions of followers on Instagram, she is ‘Influencer Of The Year’ at the Revolve awards!

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