How to define eyes

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The are a number of techniques you can define your eyes more clearly.

Try these tricks and make sure they really stand out !


Image result for applying liquid eyelinerApplying liquid eyeliner;

  • Hold the eyeliner brush between your thumb and forefinger, resting your hand on your cheek. Apply the liner in one swoosh as close to the lash line as you can, moving quickly from the inner corner.
  • Stop the line at the end of your eyelid or go slightly up at sides to create a catlike look. Be careful the line doesn’t extend downwards as this will make you eyes look sad.
  • If thinks go wobbly, don’t hit the makeup remover. instead get blending with a cotton bud and create a sultry smudged effect.

Image result for curling lashesCurling your lashes;

  • Take your eyelashes curlers and place them as close to base of your lashes as possible.
  • Squeeze gently , hold for five seconds and release.
  • Apply your favorite mascara.


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Our eyes are the first thing anyone notices about our face, and to give the right impression.

“Eye shadow is the window dressing”.

Fashion trends help narrow the choices, but if you’re like me you shouldn’t follow the pack: experiment until you find what suits you and look to trends for inspiration.


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The lancome Grandiose Liner

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Today I will talk about my favorite liner, I use this line not for long time, but I’m in love for it… The Lancome Grandiose Liner is completely unique and like no other liner that I’ve come across before.

Achieve the perfect cat eye, winged eyeliner, feline flick and even more looks.

For more control and precise application, line like a pro! Easy at every angle, whether you are a lefty or rightly. Ultra fine tip combined with bending the wand allows access from the inner corner to the root of lashes.

BE CONFIDENT & CREATIVE! Master the line with the ultra thin tip for an incredible precise eyeline from the most simple look to the wildest. Discover the three longwear intensely pigmented smudgeproof matte shades Noir, Brun & Saphir, which last all day long.

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Bend. Apply. Create. This is one of the best-kept secrets among make-up artists: deliberately angled brushes for enhanced flexibility and creativity and more beautiful eyes. With its 35-degree curved handle, Grandiôse Liner instantly simplifies the technique for a more streamlined application. 35 degrees expressed in 360-degree creativity. The innovative bend is a game-changer, allowing every shade of daring.


I actually love everything about this liner, it is just perfect, I also love the packaging …….

Thank you everyone 🙂