Update makeup collection

Hi everyone , welcome back

I’m always changing my make up around and re-organizing my collection, along with purchasing new ways to store my make up, so I thought I would do an updated make up collection post.

I have done  makeup collection before but I constantly purchase new makeup
so my makeup collection has obviously grown.
I’ve got a lot of makeup but I’m not going to apologize for it. Beauty is my passion, I obviously don’t wear everything at once.
I’m very happy with my collection. It’s big but not too big.
 I hope I inspired some of you!
If you have any questions please feel free to ask!
Thanks 😉

Anita xx

Beauty Room Tour

Hi everyone , welcome back …… Today I Want to share with all of you a bit of my favorite place in my house ……. My Beauty Room

I’m satisfied with how it all have turned out in my beauty room,  I’m always changing stuff around and on the hunt for the perfect storage!

This vanity is from IKEA and is my favorite place in this room.

Getting your room organized will go a long way to maximizing efficiency. There is no single right way to do it: The trick lies in finding the way that works best for you.

I like everything organize, I store my bags , and my shoes the way I can see easy what I have …. is the way that works better for me ….

I like to keep my clothes organized by colours ……



This is just a bit of my beauty room tour , I’m still changing some things …. when I finish everything I will do another post … hope you like …. and enjoy the rest of your weekend.  Thanks 😉

Anita xx