Miss Rose eyeshadow palette 

Hi everyone, welcome back

Today I want to share a beautiful eyeshadow palette, which I found online, I love these colours, they can create an incredible makeup look.

Get just the right eye look with the Miss Rose 12-Color Matte Eyeshadow Palette. This chic eye shadow pallette includes 12 different colours of shades, letting you find the right combination you want. You can also combine colours to make your own unique shade.
Grease-resistant eye shadows glide and stay on eyes all day long.

All the ingredients are completely safe and hypoallergenic

This eye shadow pallet, Giving Eye a radiant glow. silky and fresh finish.  I love these colours for fall, can create a beautiful makeup looks….

This eye shadow palette have everything you need for a smoky or natural-eye look……. It’s perfect for this season …

Thanks 😉

Anita xx


Mark Highlight Strobing Duo

Hi everyone, welcome back

The highlight Strobing Duo Stick offers a creamy blush with a light metallic shimmer, the other side an expressive and also creamy highlighter, which optimally complements the basic sound of the blushes. Two easy steps for an on-the-go.

Lightweight, mess-free, glide-on formula
Creamy colour lasts for hours
Can be used on cheeks and lips

1 Strobe – To illuminate and highlight along the top of the cheekbones and down the centre of the nose, blending with fingers.

2 Bronze – Along the hollows of cheeks, below the hairline and along the jaw line, blend in with your makeup brush.

I really like that , they look natural on my skin and I can use them for my everyday looks.



Thanks 😉

Anita xx 

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Victoria Secret lip Flavored Gloss

Hi everyone, welcome back

Victoria secret beauty Rush flavored gloss is a lovely lip gloss that glides smoothly on your lips and give them a lovely shade, fragrance and shine!

As always with all VS glosses the scent is simply lovely, these are just two of my favourite VS Lip glosses, I have 2 of them : Love Berry & Limonata , they are amazing!  Tasty, thick, shiny and sheer!

Well, being a lip gloss I didn’t expect it to stay on my lips for long, but it stayed a good two hours.

Lip glosses don’t stay forever, even if you want them to! You will need to touch up every few hours with every lip gloss. So that’s that!

The packaging is kept simple, but still looks pretty in your makeup vanity!


-Pretty color.
-Gives a beautiful glossy look to the lips.
-It is a moisturizing formula.
-Stays quite good on the lips.
-Smells good.
-Tastes amazing.

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Thanks 😉

Anita xx