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Beware the unwashed makeup brush. It will leave traces of unwanted bacteria and colour on your face and will hinder the application of powder, lipstick and concealer. Follow these hints to get the best out of your brushes:

  • If you use makeup tools everyday, wash them regularly, every four to six weeks.
  • Use a mild baby shampoo to clean brushes and rise with a mild antiseptic solution.
  • For long powder brushes, sweep trough shampoo diluted with tepid water, then rinse under tap.
  • Finer brushes should be dipped into neat shampoo. then lathered before rinsing.
  • Direct heat damaged bristles, so don’t blow dry with your hair dryer.
  • To Dry, carefully squeeze out excess water with a towel, reshape and lay brushes flat on the edge of the basin, allowing the air to circulate. Dry overnight.

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Hygiene Tips 

  • Hygiene is an important aspect of makeup care. Wash your makeup bag itself every few weeks and rinse brushes, powder puffs and sponges in soap water at least once a month.
  • You are particularly at risk of infection in the case of mascaras and other products that come into contact with the eyes, so never be tempted to share or land our makeup.
  • Be careful when testing lipsticks; the herpes virus is easily transmitted via lipstick. Rather test lipsticks on the back of your hand.

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Always keep the used brushes away from the fresh ones as you don’t want the products from the used brushes to stick on to the fresh brushes. It not only increases you work load, but repeated cleaning can also reduce the life of the brush.

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