My morning routine


Hi everyone, welcome back

It’s important to start your day with good vibes. No better way to start your day than to wake up and have a routine for a great start.

When you are starting your day with a morning routine, you are in fact investing in yourself first.  This investment pays dividends throughout your day and throughout your life.

I wake up very early every day, around 5 am, I start work 7 am so I like to wake up at least 2 hours early to have enough time for everything, and I live 10 minutes away from work by car ( I know I’m crazy) but is the way I like and I feel good like this…..

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  1. Wake up 5 am
  2. I check my phone ( Instagram, twitter, blog & emails)
  3. Bathroom to do all my hygiene
  4. Beauty room , dress up and do all my makeup, I take around 15 – 20 minutes to do my everyday makeup, I love preparing my skin very well because I work in the cold  environment all day, so I need to protect my skin ….
  5. I go to the kitchen to have my breakfast – The good thing is, my husband is already have my breakfast prepare ….. ( I love it 😉 ) …… Normal I’m taking for breakfast – a glass of water with lemon and after Toast and coffee ….
  6. After I just grab my bag and going for 9 hours of hard work, but I love my job ( for the ones who doesn’t know my job, I’m a quality controller) 


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I hope you enjoy read my morning routine, please any question or any thing just comment below …..

Thanks 😉

Anita xx

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