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We all would love to have naturally flawless and glowing skin, but we don’t. Like it or not, the stress of hectic work schedules, the build-up of pollution in the environment, poor eating habits and unhealthy lifestyles all take a harmful toll on your skin. Considering how delicate our skin and its complexion are, they are highly sensitive to any and all of these things.

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Generally there are two ways of applying concealer. The first method is to dot your whole face, especially the areas you want covered, and gently run your concealer brush over your face blending these dots with your skin in outward strokes. This needs to be done with a light hand and many women simply use their index finger to blend the dotted concealer with their skin, in order to give their whole face an even and neat complexion. Many other women use their concealer to only cover their facial flaws, and hence only dab some on their problem areas alone, blending it slightly with their surrounding skin.

Having established that, it is good to know that such concealers also come in various colours and shades to battle specific skin problems. For example, a green cover stick works the best when applied to red areas of your skin, such as on and around pimples and red veins that can be commonly seen around your nose. A purple shade cover stick works the best on yellow or discolored areas of your skin such as pigmentation marks, while an orange concealer stick generally works the best on areas with a bluish tinge such as those dark under eye patches. Your concealer may also have a blue or pink shade. Blue counteracts orange tones typically caused from uneven or excessive tanning or self-tanning where a pink shade covers green areas such as green veins.

When using a corrector concealer with shades of green, purple, orange, pink or blue, think of the colour wheel. To cancel out a certain color you should use the opposite color on the color wheel e.g. you would use green on red areas because the opposite colour of red is green on the color wheel.

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  • The Corrector Concealer Quad is used on areas such as dark circles, pigmentation marks, pimples, scars and under-eye circles.
  • Use your green concealer on any red areas such as red veins or pimples.
  • Use your purple concealer on any yellow areas such as pigmentation marks.
  • Use your orange concealer on areas with a bluish color such as dark under eye circles or patches.


There are numerous kinds of concealers available in the market and you must select the one friendliest to your skin. For example, if you have oily skin then a gel based cover stick or water based one would suit you well, and for dry skin a creamier stick would work well.


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