How to apply bronzer

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Lets talk about bronzer ….

  • Bronzer works its magic to impact a veil of warm colour, resulting in for beautifully bronzer skin. Properly applied bronzer can highlight and accentuate the features of your face.
  1. Choose a bronzer that is 2 shades darker than your skin tone
  2. Choose a wide, fluffy powder brush with a rounded top.
  3. Swirl the brush evenly in the bronzer and tap off the excess.
  4. Apply bronzer to the areas that the sun would naturally hit.
  5. Check the bronzer in daylight and make any necessary adjustments.

Think about the areas of your face where you tan naturally: Cheekbones, nose, area between the nose and cheeks, forehead and chin.

Always blend your bronzer well, so that you don’t have noticeable streaks, dark areas or makeup lines.

I recommended a large powder brush with bristles that between fluffy and stiff.


Keep in mind that mineral. pressed and loose powdered bronzers require a large makeup brush,  for application liquid and cream bronzers can be applied with your fingertips or a makeup sponge.



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Eyes makeup

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Primer your canvas. An artist doesn’t just start slathering paint onto fresh canvas, just as a makeup artist doesn’t work on a surface that hasn’t been prepared. Prime the ares with the light concealer or foundation and a dusting of translucent powder to control oiliness and help set the colour. 

Apply a base shade. Pick a light dark, and a medium shade. It’s easier if they’re in the same colour family – like bone, taupe, and dark brown – but they don’t have to be. And bear in mind, if you are using multiple colours, powdered shadow is much easier to control because it layers and blends easily.

Shade for contrast. the medium shade is the one that’s going to bring out the colour of your eyes, so look for a suitably contrasting shade. Green eyes  will stand out when shades with browns and hint of red; blue eyes are complemented by purple shades. And brown eyes work with any colour. 

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  • If the eye makeup you are planning is complicated, do your foundation afterwards. That way you don’t have to worry about stray flecks of glitter ruining your foundation.
  • When working with a few colours, always start with the lightest shades first.
  • Before applying shadow, always give the brush a little flick, or blow gently to remove excess powder.
  • Blend well; you should never be able to tell where one colour begins and ends.
  • Use a highlighter on any part of the eye area that you want to bring out. put a dot on the inner corner of the eye to make eyes look big and bright, and a dab under the arch of the brow to emphasize the brows, if necessary.
  • Don’t over emphasize the brow bone; most time the absence of colour is enough of a highlight. I see many makeup artists using very pearlized or white shadows as  highlighter and it really creates an artificial effect best avoided.

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Top 5 tips for using concealer


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  • Always apply concealer after foundation until you have a base, you don’t know exactly what you need to camouflage. What’s more, applying foundation over concealer can easily rib it off. The concealer must be the same shade as your foundation.
  • If you’re not wearing foundation, concealer must still match your skin tone. Using too light a shade on dark circles (as many women do) will actually make them more noticeable, and a light shade on a spot will highlight its shape.
  • If you using your concealer to cover scars or to work on heavily pigmented blemishes like birthmarks, you will need a heavy concealer.


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Gently blend the concealer into your skin with a sponge or small concealer brush. Be sure not to tug or pull as you blend, as the skin under your eyes is very sensitive.

The use of concealer helps you to look your best by fading away imperfections, discolorations or blemishes that foundation doesn’t cover.

I recommended to use an eye cream to target puffy eyes .   



See below my favorite concealers ,  I love the final results  ……

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The texture is lightweight, and the finish is matte and smooth….



Image result for mac concealer Mac  pro longwear concealer 

A lightweight fluid concealer that provides medium to full coverage with a comfortable, natural matte finish.


Image result for nars concealerNars Radiant creamy concealer

is a lightweight creamy liquid concealer with a medium coverage and a luminous finish.


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The lancome Grandiose Liner

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Today I will talk about my favorite liner, I use this line not for long time, but I’m in love for it… The Lancome Grandiose Liner is completely unique and like no other liner that I’ve come across before.

Achieve the perfect cat eye, winged eyeliner, feline flick and even more looks.

For more control and precise application, line like a pro! Easy at every angle, whether you are a lefty or rightly. Ultra fine tip combined with bending the wand allows access from the inner corner to the root of lashes.

BE CONFIDENT & CREATIVE! Master the line with the ultra thin tip for an incredible precise eyeline from the most simple look to the wildest. Discover the three longwear intensely pigmented smudgeproof matte shades Noir, Brun & Saphir, which last all day long.

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Bend. Apply. Create. This is one of the best-kept secrets among make-up artists: deliberately angled brushes for enhanced flexibility and creativity and more beautiful eyes. With its 35-degree curved handle, Grandiôse Liner instantly simplifies the technique for a more streamlined application. 35 degrees expressed in 360-degree creativity. The innovative bend is a game-changer, allowing every shade of daring.


I actually love everything about this liner, it is just perfect, I also love the packaging …….

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Favorite Lip sticks

Mac lipstick  



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Mac have a huge collection of lipstick shades each one being fabulous, making it very difficult to pick just one shade.

Lipsticks from Mac are very popular and I love them a lot,especially nude colours….

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There is nothing more feminine and sexy than a good lipstick ,

I never go out without a lipstick ,   I always  use lipstick and I found in mac the best shades for any occasion , they’re high quality and I love them !


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This is the one I use more at the moment, is a excellent colour, makes the lips looks soft, smooth and moisturize ….


I have a big collection of lip sticks but when I have to chose one when I’m rushing to go to work is always mac matte kushi kiss 🙂



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Day and night skin complete care

Hello everyone, today I want to talk about my favorite cream day and night ….

Olay cream is my favorite at the moment

Day cream olay complete care 3-in-1 moisturizer

Healthy looking skin day by day

Three-in-one daily facial moisturiser for normal to dry skin

24 hour moisture that hydrates seven layers deep

Instantly beautiful skin …..

Gives your skin everything it needs most to look healthy and beautiful 😄 💆

Taking care of your skin is essential, especially since there are many external factors that can damage it. In your day to day routine, you need to make use of effective skincare products that can nourish your skin and make it healthier and more beautiful.

Especially formulated for sensitive skin, Olay Essentials Wet Cleansing Wipes have lift & lock technology to gently sweep away dirt, make up and waterproof mascara while helping to enhance your skin’s natural moisture.

And remember, beautiful skin starts with the right facial cleanser! Use Olay Essentials Facial Cleansers before applying it.

The result?  refreshed, soft and beautiful skin everyday 🙂

I use olay products for a long time and my skin looks beautiful, I’m 44 years and I’m very happy when people  says to me I look like 30  …..  🙂

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Beautiful day

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Foto de Ana Cardigos Cardigos.

Foto de Ana Cardigos Cardigos.

Foto de Ana Cardigos Cardigos.

Foto de Ana Cardigos Cardigos.

This weekend has been a good weekend and I hope you all enjoy it wherever you are in the world….

After a long week at work in nothing better than a nice walk in the park , cold but a beautiful day….

“Everything around us is made up of energy”.

To attract positive things in your life start by giving off positive energy….

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Fashion 2017: women’s jeans


The women find fashionable clothing jeans important , different designs, styles and colours. They are simple and stylish….

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Trendy colours of jeans are black, gray, brown and white for girls in 2017.

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Parisian Blue Ripped Skinny Jeans  | New Look

I love to wear jeans with high heels  in  the winter time  and a nice  worm coat…

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Stila eye shadow palette review

The palette is a mix of textures from matte and shimmer shadow,you can use the light colours to highlight your brow bone, the centre of your lids, and inner corners, and the darker shades to define the  shape of your eyes. They are so buttery and easy to work with.have a very good pigmentation.




It’s easy to carry around and it has a nice big mirror inside the case,

is 12 warm shades.

This palette is in my collection for a while and

I absolutely love this  and will definitely be using it a lot more. 

Have you tried this palette ?



Hope you like and let me know your thoughts if you will try it for the first time.

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