Cheeks / Blush application

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Applied right, blusher gives a healthy flush. It energizes a tired face in seconds and creates wicked cheekbones.

The plethora of colours available makes choices difficult, but sticking to rosy pinks and peaches works well for most women. These shades enhance natural skin tone.

The point of blusher is to add colour to the face, not to reshape it!

You have so many different ones in the market: 

Powder blush – Easy to control and blend, it’s the most popular choice, especially for oil skin … 

Cream blush – good for dry and sun- damaged skin 

Gel Blush – Is great for giving a natural – looking glow to bare skin. 

Application :

Find the apple of your cheeks – Simply smile. Blush looks best when applied right on top of the cheekbones.  

Starting at the point on your cheek directly below the middle of your eye. If you mistakenly apply too much blush, wipe the excess off with a tissue before you blend. 

Blend the blush Swirl the colour onto your cheeks in circular, outward motions and blend upward towards your temple, keeping it fuller in the cheek area. 


Common mistakes:

  • Blush that is too shimmery can leave you looking ashen and grey. 
  • Not blending enough can result in a horizontal stripe across cheeks. 
  • Muddy or grey tones can leave the skin looking dirty. 
  • Blue and purple tones can make the skin look bruised. 

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Highlighter Tips for the Perfect Glow

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If you’re a makeup enthusiast, I’m sure you’re very familiar with highlighter

Here are some highlighter tips you might find useful:

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Cream highlighters, for instance, are great if you have dry skin because it will not make it look flaky or emphasize the dryness while powder is perfect if you want to achieve a very subtle glow.

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Pick the perfect highlight colour – highlighters come in a variety of colours and each colour can give off a different effect so picking the right color is crucial to achieving the perfect glow. Champagne and bisque tone highlighters are universally flattering but peach and pink toned ones are great for adding that radiant look.

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Know where to highlight – basically, you’ll want to put your highlighter on the high points on your faces including the nose bridge, the center of your forehead, your cupids bow, the highest points of your cheeks.

During the Summer you will sweat. Keep your highlighter on point with a bit of powder over it.

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  • Focus on the high points of the face.
  • Sweep a little under the eyebrow and a bit on the Cupid’s bow of your lip.
  • With a small brush, run a line of highlighter down the bridge of the nose.
  • Place a dab at the top of the cheekbone making sure not to apply any to the apple.
  • Blend in with a sponge or tap in with your fingers.
  • Take a clean sweep across the face lightly to blend any lines.
  • Finish with a translucent powder just on the T-zone and on the sides of the nose.
  • Highlighter is also beautiful placed on the tops of shoulder and along the collarbone.


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How to apply blusher


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There’s no one correct way to apply blusher. The method use depends on the type of look you want to create.

Most women avoid blusher, but used correctly it can be the best beauty tool you own.

For Natural Healthy glow;

  • Apply Foundation as normal. Smile – where your cheek is naturally at its fattest is where blusher needs to  go to create a natural look.
  • Apply the blusher in a small circle, blending well. For the best results try gel blusher.Powder over the top.

For sexy cheekbones;

  • Using powder blusher, sweep colour in an art following the line of your cheekbone up from the apple of your cheek to your hairline. Keep colour light and blended.
  • Add a little shimmer on the highest point of your cheekbone nearest your eye.


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Tips for using blusher 

  • If you are using  powder blush, brush it only one way – going over and over or round and round with the brush creates streaks.
  • When using gel our tint blushes to contour the face, don’t just apply one big blob and try to blend it. Chances are the colour will take more  where it is first applied and you’ll find it hard to even things out. Instead, apply a blob on the apple of the cheek and to smaller blobs graduating up the cheekbone, then blend upwards towards the hairline.
  • Gel or tint blushes are best used on bare skin; They tend to stick on foundation and can be hard to blend.
  • While the shade of blush you choose is generally determined by your skin tone.


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