Lips – Application Tips

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I love to wear lipstick and take care of my lips , so today I will talk about lips …..


Lips tend to dry out because they have no sebaceous glands. Take a toothbrush and brush Vaseline or lip balm into them. This will help exfoliate any dead skin, seal in moisture and act as a primer for lipstick the waxiness works to fill cracks and smooth the lip surface. 

To prevent and treat, apply balm daily ….. 

 – Since lips contain no melanin, they need protection against the sun’s burning rays. So when you are out in the sun, protect your lips with a screen that has a high SPF.

– Use a brush when applying lipstick for a precise look. the brush allows you to get right into the corners without smudging and it ensures that you keep your colour within your lip line rather than smudging it over the edges.

-To achieve a soft, tidy line and prevent bleeding without lining lips, try soaking a cotton bud in liquid foundation, or concealer, and run it around the outside of a already- painted mouth.

– When using a lip pencil sharpen it before use. This not only ensure a precise point but also takes away any greasy residual on the pencil tip and reveals the fresh crayon underneath, making application much easier.

– After outlining the lips with a pencil, use it to colour in your lips, even if you’re applying lipstick on top. This allows colour to wear off uniformly.

-To keep lipstick off teeth, apply colour with a brush and then blot. Hold your finger horizontally between lips and bit down, pulling your finger out to remove any lipstick that colour rub off on your teeth.

– Blot your lipstick with a tissue and then reapply to build up colour and durability.


No lipsticks is going to look luxurious if lips aren’t well cared for first. Take care of your lips ….. hope you enjoyed this post and have a nice day ….. 

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Review- Shine Burst Gloss Stick


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With summer making an appearance soon, !! it’s time to put away the heavy lipsticks and bring out the lighter summer lip products. And these new Avon Shine Burst Gloss Sticks are about to become your perfect summer makeup accessory.

The Lipstick that’s perfect for Shine & Hydration.

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  • Shine supreme is the new, rich colour lipstick that’s bursting with hydrating coconut oil and caring super fruits.
  • Long lasting shine with juicy moisture.
  • Shine enhancers reflect rich, vibrant colour.
  • Contains a blend of high shine ingredients.
  • Silky-smooth, glide on application.
  • Non-bleeding.
  • Weightless shine.
  • Feels ultra-comfortable.
  • Provides more shine than a lipstick.
  • Provides wet shine.
  • SPF15

They have a slim pencil kind of shape and are fairly easy to apply. The bullet is small enough for you to get precise application without needing to use lip pencil.

The Thing I love is that the glosses aren’t at all sticky, they leave your lips feeling really hydrated.

There are 10 shades to choose from ranging from pinks and purples to nudes and reds.

Have you tried these Shine Burst Gloss Sticks before?

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Skin care necessities

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As human, you come packaged in material that’s light, tough, elastic and waterproof. Your skin protects your body against the world…..

For some, achieving perfect skin seems impossible, but good skin is achievable. It simply takes work! With a bit of knowledge, your skin will look better – and be healthier – than you ever thought possible….

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As you know, there is no good makeup without good skin. Makeup should enhance your natural beauty, not mark it. Taking responsibility for your skin, means getting into a proper regime and looking after it correctly each and every day. The better you take care of yourself and your skin, the better you look……


Sleep and water are essential to great looking skin 

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