Happy women’s day

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Happy International women’s day to all the wonderful women in the world…. 

Women’s Day is celebrated every year on March 8. This day was first celebrated in 1980, it honors women and their struggles.

Women are radiant, elegant, strong, friend, mother, wife, teacher ….

Woman can do so many things on same time, and with all this she find time also for her self.

Every woman is a fairy, who lives between fantasy and reality.

Women bring life, beauty, colour and love….

Believe yourself. Fight for your dreams…

I am proud to be a woman!

We are women. This is our day.



Cheeks / Blush application

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Applied right, blusher gives a healthy flush. It energizes a tired face in seconds and creates wicked cheekbones.

The plethora of colours available makes choices difficult, but sticking to rosy pinks and peaches works well for most women. These shades enhance natural skin tone.

The point of blusher is to add colour to the face, not to reshape it!

You have so many different ones in the market: 

Powder blush – Easy to control and blend, it’s the most popular choice, especially for oil skin … 

Cream blush – good for dry and sun- damaged skin 

Gel Blush – Is great for giving a natural – looking glow to bare skin. 

Application :

Find the apple of your cheeks – Simply smile. Blush looks best when applied right on top of the cheekbones.  

Starting at the point on your cheek directly below the middle of your eye. If you mistakenly apply too much blush, wipe the excess off with a tissue before you blend. 

Blend the blush Swirl the colour onto your cheeks in circular, outward motions and blend upward towards your temple, keeping it fuller in the cheek area. 


Common mistakes:

  • Blush that is too shimmery can leave you looking ashen and grey. 
  • Not blending enough can result in a horizontal stripe across cheeks. 
  • Muddy or grey tones can leave the skin looking dirty. 
  • Blue and purple tones can make the skin look bruised. 

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I hope this post was helpful, have a great week …. 

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Makeup look for glasses

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Makeup application is quite a handful for most women. Add a pair of eyeglasses into your makeup can be quite an impossible feat for many. However, wearing glasses does not mean that you should avoid wearing makeup altogether. What you need to do is to find the makeup tips that will help create the makeup look that’s best for you.

Most women wearing glasses think that the best way to do their eye makeup is to keep it simple. For your information, bold and striking eye makeup would work well for you too. Achieve a cat eye using your liner  and opt for eye-catching eye shadow colour. When choosing an eye shadow shade, it is best that you take into consideration the color of your frame.



Most women who wear glasses think that they will never ever be able to pull off the smokey eyes. For your information, achieving smoky eyes is possible. There are just some things that you can do to successfully pull it off.

If you think that your glasses have made your eyes look smaller, you can make your eyes look bigger by applying liner all around your eyes.

Tips : 

Eye shadow – Without extending from the crease of the eyelid, start from the inner corner of the eye and go towards the outside. To create a striking look, use a darker eye shadow on the fringes of the lid.

Mascara – Curl up your lashes with help of an eye lash curler and while applying mascara focus on the roots instead of the ends. This will ensure that your lashes don’t touch your glasses.





Here are some of the products I used for this makeup;

 Eye shadow pallet Stila

 Lip liner 374 intense plum L’Oreal

Lipstick Rouge volupte YSL

Mascara Lash sensational Maybelline

Gel eye liner super shock Avon

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10 Beauty hacks

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We always want to look cute, but sometimes, we genuinely don’t have the time. The majority of us want to have our makeup, hair, and nails done at all times, but this seems to be a somewhat impossible task ;

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Here are 10 of the best beauty hacks;


  1. If you love winged liner but don’t have the hand-eye coordination to do it perfectly, no big deal: You can clean messy edges with a cotton swab coated with petroleum jelly.
  2. To make your eyes seem brighter, use a white eyeliner to line your waterline.
  3. Gently rub aloe vera on your face before bed to reduce acne scaring.
  4. If you want more voluminous hair, wash your hair in the reverse order; apply conditioner first, let it sit for five minutes, then add shampoo, and rise.
  5. Apply baby powder onto your eyelashes before putting on mascara for longer and darker lashes.
  6. For noticeably curled lashes, use a blow dryer to heat up your eyelash curler before using it.
  7. Put concealer on your lips before applying lipstick for a professional matte look.
  8. Repair your broken lipstick with match; simply place the broken pieces back in the tub e and use a lighter to heat it up for a few seconds. Place it in the fridge and it’s good as new again.
  9. Use red or orange lipstick to conceal dark circles;
    Apply the lipstick using a brush under your eye area, then reach for your concealer as normal and apply over the top, blending in with a brush or your fingers.
  10. Apply coconut oil onto your cuticles to strengthen them.


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Why do you wear makeup

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If you ask different women the question “Why do women wear makeup?”  There is no one correct answer as women have their own reasons for wearing cosmetics.

For a Clearer Complexion

For women who have complexion issues, makeup can help disguise problem areas, although the main focus should be on a skin care routine to maintain clear skin. Concealers can hide dark under eye circles or blemishes. Foundations can smooth your complexion into an even-toned canvas. Makeup is great for creating the illusion of perfect skin if used the right way.

To Look Attractive or Glamorous

If you want to glam up your look, for a big night out or a special date, makeup will help you do that. You can choose whichever look you like best. One day may include smoky  eyes , shimmery lipstick, while the next might find you in the mood for thin black eyeliner and classic red lips.

Some women wear makeup to attract someone special. While men’s opinions differ on what kind of makeup they like to see on women, it’s better for women to wear what makes them feel attractive and confident.

Some  want to appear sultry and glamorous, others prefer a very natural look. They still use makeup to achieve it, but the idea is to have a polished look without looking like she’s wearing makeup. Done correctly, a woman may have on foundation, mascara and lip color without anyone even realizing it.

 Makes women feel more confident ….. 

It helps to improve your appearance and boost your confidence, and also improve your entire look. Similarly, the fact that we wear deodorant each day, so that we smell clean and fresh, women wear makeup to feel confident too.

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“Makeup is art, Makeup is passion, Makeup is expression” 

Why do you wear makeup or why don’t you wear makeup?? comment below 😉


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