10 Beauty hacks

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We always want to look cute, but sometimes, we genuinely donโ€™t have the time. The majority of us want to have our makeup, hair, and nails done at all times, but this seems to be a somewhat impossible task ;

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Here are 10 of the best beauty hacks;


  1. If you love winged liner but don’t have the hand-eye coordination to do it perfectly, no big deal: You can clean messy edges with a cotton swab coated with petroleum jelly.
  2. To make your eyes seem brighter, use a white eyeliner to line your waterline.
  3. Gently rub aloe vera on your face before bed to reduce acne scaring.
  4. If you want more voluminous hair, wash your hair in the reverse order; apply conditioner first, let it sit for five minutes, then add shampoo, and rise.
  5. Apply baby powder onto your eyelashes before putting on mascara for longer and darker lashes.
  6. For noticeably curled lashes, use a blow dryer to heat up your eyelash curler before using it.
  7. Put concealer on your lips before applying lipstick for a professional matte look.
  8. Repair your broken lipstick with match; simply place the broken pieces back in the tub e and use a lighter to heat it up for a few seconds. Place it in the fridge and it’s good as new again.
  9. Use red or orange lipstick to conceal dark circles;
    Apply the lipstick using a brush under your eye area, then reach for your concealer as normal and apply over the top, blending in with a brush or your fingers.
  10. Apply coconut oil onto your cuticles to strengthen them.


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