Beauty / February favorites

Hi everyone,

Today I will share with you some of my beauty favorites that I used in February;

  •  Urban Decay foundation all nighter.

I’m in love with this foundation ; Provides full coverage with a matte finish that never look overdone. Is perfect to use every day and night.

Image result for urban decay foundation all nighter shade 5.5

  • Makeup revolution Aqua primer & fixing spray.

Amazing fixing spray;

  • Keeps your makeup in place all day long

Aqua primer spray;

  • Providing the perfect base underneath your makeup.


  • Lipstick L’Oreal color riche Violet saturne

This lipstick I use every day to go to work or just to go for shopping , I love the colour and leave the lips  moisturized.

Image result for lipstick loreal color riche color riche 214

  • Benefit eye brow volumizing gel

This eyebrow gel contains tiny microfibers that adhere to skin & hairs, creating natural-looking fullness and definition. I really like and I use every day.


Image result for benefit brow volumizing gel

  • Ted Baker bronzer &blush palette

I received this as a gift and since then I can not stop using. I love the peachy shade of the blusher. The bronzer is amazing, light but with a beautiful shade.




Hope you like this post, is just a few of my favorite products of February. Maybe next month will be totally different because I like to try different products, and some of them after try I can not stop use…..  🙂


Anita xx


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