Avon mini beauty haul

Hi everyone, welcome back

Today I have another Avon haul to share …

Avon have really good products, I always like to purchased  something , this time I ordered only a few new products.

  • Liquid lip Lacquer matte (pinking about you)
  • Big colour shadow stick (flipping out pink)
  • Lipstick extra lasting (Fiery red)
  • Magix HD Finishing powder
  • Gel shine Nail Enamel (violetized)
  • Perfume Far away Gold

I will do some reviews soon….

Thanks 😉

Anita xx


20 thoughts on “Avon mini beauty haul

  1. Hi y’all I am new here, 1 day in. Total new blogger too, so I’m learning as I go, I am an AVON rep and wanted to let you know we just celebrated 130 years on the market and counting, id love to be your Avon lady, let me know what you think of my blog as its a dry run and a work in progress. Thank you and happy shopping


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  2. AVON have so many great lip, nail & eye colours; I always find it difficult to narrow down my wishlist!!

    I’m eager to read your review of the red lippy, they have so many great looking red shades, it’s taking me ages to work my way through ordering and trying them all…

    I colour my hair at home, and their dyes are definitely one of my favourites. Have you tried any?

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