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Hi everyone, welcome back

Quick post for today. Finally I went to Primark to pick up a few of their beauty products. I never used Primark makeup, But I decided to try some, I bought only a few, because I didn’t know, if I like them ….. 

1 – PS… Pure Glow Highlighter  

2 – PS … Matte Metallic liquid lipstick in Shade Chrome Heart  3 – Insta girl Kissproof Lip Liner pencil 

4 – PS… Double Dimension Highlighter powder 

I only did a swatches of all of them, so far looks good for me…. 

I think Primark makeup is very good for the price you pay, its affordable for everyone.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried Primark makeup, and what you thought of it!

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14 thoughts on “Primark Makeup

  1. Honestly one of my all time favourite lipsticks is from primark, it’s a bronze metallic liquid lipstick and from what o remember it was £2, not sure if they still sell it because this was at least a year ago but it’s so comfortable to wear and the colour is gorgeous, definitely recommend people try them out

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  2. I am really loving the look of the highlighter. I can’t believe that primark has all these beautiful products. I will definitely give it a try, thanks

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