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Mac lipstick  



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Mac have a huge collection of lipstick shades each one being fabulous, making it very difficult to pick just one shade.

Lipsticks from Mac are very popular and I love them a lot,especially nude colours….

Image result for mac lipstick nudes

There is nothing more feminine and sexy than a good lipstick ,

I never go out without a lipstick ,   I always  use lipstick and I found in mac the best shades for any occasion , they’re high quality and I love them !


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This is the one I use more at the moment, is a excellent colour, makes the lips looks soft, smooth and moisturize ….


I have a big collection of lip sticks but when I have to chose one when I’m rushing to go to work is always mac matte kushi kiss 🙂



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Do you have any mac favorite lipstick ???

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