5 Beauty product I can’t live without

Hi everyone, Welcome back to my blog;

When it comes to makeup there are certain products that I just can’t live without. I think everyone has their favorite products that they turn to time and time again. Products that help to enhance and hide my best and worst features, which is why I wanted to share with you all some of the makeup I can’t live without.

First up is concealer. I think most people would agree that concealer can be your best friend. If you’ve had a late night, bad night’s sleep or want to hide a blemish, then concealer is your answer. One of my favorite is the Maybelline instant anti-age . 

Next is foundation, for me is essential on my eveyday makeup and my favorite at the moment Dior skin Forever click here

Next up is mascara and one of my favorites is the Loreal telescopic extra black. This mascara is  a great product. Stands on lashes all day.  volumise and deliver thicker lashes that look up to 60% longer.

Moving to bronzer, I love bronze my skin. I do not have a favorite one but at the moment I love to use Makeup Revolution Bronze, shimmer & highlight all in one with this blended powder which can be blended easily. Either use swirled together, or separate to achieve the look I want.


Finally it’s time for the lips and one of my favorite lipstick  – YSL Rouge volupte Rouge Volupté Shine is wrapped in an elegant, romantic gold case: a true must have for every hand bag.  


So this is the makeup I can’t live without. What makeup could you not live without?

Anita xx

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