How to choose your foundation

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The foundation is the base for all makeup. Getting it right is important.

One thing that I have learn is that you should pick a foundation that is at least 1 shade lighter than your skin tone.

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Whether you’re using a liquid, powder, or stick foundation, it all begins with a colour check.  When you do a colour test on your skin choose either your jaw line or your neck to apply the colour to, make sure you wait a few minutes for it to dry, as the colour can change. Sometimes the colour can turn pink, or slightly orange after drying. This is why many women end up with the wrong colour.


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IF YOU HAVE NORMAL SKIN, your foundation choice may range variously from tinted moisturizer to mineralised bases. Just choose the one for you depending upon the coverage desired and the occasion.

IF YOU HAVE DRY SKIN, pick a hydrating or oil-free moisture formula. Most foundations have a time-release system that can continuously moisturize for up to 11 hours.

IF YOU HAVE OILY SKIN, opt for a water-based or oil-free formula and use powder.


TO CONCEAL UNEVEN PIGMENTATION, look for a full-coverage formula. Cream-to-powder varieties are the best for you.

When choosing a foundation

According to skin-tone: It’s preferable to try your shade in full day light, while not solely depending upon the lighting of the cosmetic store you’re buying the product from.

Light– For fair ivory skin tones

Medium – For light medium to beige skin tones

Tan – For slightly darker complexions, including golden tan to olive tones.

Dark – For deep, rich complexions, including medium – brown to dark tones.


Hope this post help some of you who are wishing to incorporate foundation in your makeup routine .

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