Glossybox September 2019

Hi beauties, welcome back


Hey! this September glossybox give a taste of food-inspired beauty.

I really like this month box, it‚Äôs a delicious beauty ūüôā

Here is the list of the products;

  • Mayy Banana Seting Powder – this helps to set the makeup and create a smooth finish.
  • Palmer‚Äôs ¬†coconut oil formula Deep conditioning Protein pack
  • Colgate Max White ¬†Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste
  • Carex – Hand gel¬†
  • Mitchell and Peach Flora no.1 Fine Edition Eau de parfum
  • Delicious Body Original Black Tea body scrub, 100% natural Ayurvedic body exfoliator.

Have a great weekend! any questions please leave your comments below ūüôā


Trip to Portugal

Hi beauties, welcome back

I had a lovely trip to Portugal!

For those who don’t know Portugal is my Country but I live in London! Each time I go to Portugal, I feel so happy for many reasons!

Lovely weather, lovely food …….






Algarve – Portimao 

Traditional Portuguese Food – ( Sardines) Restaurant o Febra



Sopa da Pedra ( Restaurante o Febra)


Restaurante o Febra

Hotel J√ļpiter – Algarve

Algarve – Praia da Rocha

What I eat in a day / Healthy meal ideas

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Today I decided to do a different post, I will share, what I eat in a day, since I had some problems with my health I decided to be healthy, only eat and drink healthy food. Everything I eat is gluten free.  

Now I want you to remember that this is what I eat in a day, so it doesn’t mean that it is appropriate for everyone. This way of eating suits me and my lifestyle.


This is one of my go to breakfasts 

First what I do when I wake up is to drink lots of water. 

Normal for breakfast I love to eat toast with eggs and decaf with coconut milk also papaya, some days instead of decaf with milk I make a smoothie with papaya and banana. 

For lunch I made turkey meatballs, with brown rice and broccoli, I always have to have vegetables in my meals. 

For my afternoon snack, I love to eat the cakes that I make, very healthy and without sugar. 

Very simple to make: banana, oat, cinnamon, egg, coconut milk, mix everything and bake for about 20 minutes. Believe¬†me you don’t need sugar, it’s delicious.¬†¬†

Also during the day I eat some fruit, at this time of year especially mandarins, love it;)

For dinner I do not like to make large portions of food, I like to eat light and small amount, on this day I made mushrooms, asparagus, eggs and coriander was delicious. And for drink orange juice. 

And of course during the day, I love drinking tea, to be honest before I did not like tea, but I had to stop drinking black coffee, so I started to drink tea and now I love it. 

Before going to bed I like to have a cup of tea or a yogurt.


I hope you enjoyed this post, I know it’s different, but I really enjoyed writing for you, if you want to see more posts like this, let me know in the comments below.

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Visit Portugal

Hi everyone , welcome back

Today I want to share something different. As you know if you follow my blog, I’m Portuguese and I love my country, I love to live in London but of course I miss Portugal ….

Today I want to talk about  Portugal 

Portugal is extraordinary! More and more travellers from all over the world are discovering it with amazement. Do not miss the beautiful cities of Lisbon and Porto (elected best European destination three times). Plan a romantic stay in Sintra or enjoy the wild beauty of the Azores and the luxuriance of the island of Madeira.

Praia dos Galapinhos – Arrabida Natural Park

Best beach in Europe

Image result for the best beach in europe 2017 portugal

The vibrant Region Of Algarve has excellent sandy beaches and great nightlife

Related image


Portugal has a rich and interesting history in many ways. Portugal was technically considered a country in 1143 after an array of power struggles and invasions until finally joining what is now known as the European Union in 1968. This move is largely responsible for the Portugal we can visit today. Particularly interesting features of Portuguese history are preserved in unique museums

Bom Jesus , Braga 

Bom Jesus do Monte Monastery, Braga, Portugal.

There is no place in the world where seafood is more adored and masterfully prepared than on the coasts of Portugal. From fresh fish to octopus, you will not only find it all, but you’ll taste the sea like never before. Portuguese cuisine is fresh, authentic, and full of flavors that have been perfected over generations.

Venus clams in tomato sauce

Image result for visit Portugal

Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal. The city is absolutely gorgeous with scenic vistas from every angle, saturated with rich history found everywhere from the roads to the marvellous architecture. Lisbon is also home to some of the world’s most contemporary fashions, art, and entertainment!

Lisbon Skyline Portugal

Nestled in the foothills of the Sintra Mountains on the Lisbon Coast


Porto North of Portugal

Image result for visit Portugal douro porto

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Skin care necessities

Hi everyone , welcome back …..

As human, you come packaged in material that’s light, tough, elastic and waterproof. Your skin protects your body against the world…..

For some, achieving perfect skin seems impossible, but good skin is achievable. It simply takes work! With a bit of knowledge, your skin will look better – and be healthier – than you ever thought possible….

Image result for skin care

As you know, there is no good makeup without good skin. Makeup should enhance your natural beauty, not mark it. Taking responsibility for your skin, means getting into a proper regime and looking after it correctly each and every day. The better you take care of yourself and your skin, the better you look……


Sleep and water are essential to great looking skin 

Skin care necessities  Continue reading

Hair care

Hello everyone;

Today i will talk about some tips for a healthy hair;

Related image

  • ¬†Massage your scalp often, this will help your blood flow trough it; and get your hair to grow faster.
  • Deep conditioning is very good for your hair, it keeps hair soft, healthy and moisturized.
  • Rinse your hair under cold water after you finish shampooing.
  • Rinse your hair with vinegar before shampooing it makes your hair look shiny and cleaner.
  • When towel drying , don’t rub the hair vigorously, this splits the hair. Try using a micro fiber towel as they soak up lots of moisture.
  • Do not sleep with wet or damp hair, this will weaken the follicles and make hair strands brittle. Blow dry in low heat at the roots before bed.


Coconut –¬†The milk and oil can be used extensively to strengthen and condition. ¬†

Avocado –Full of essential fatty acids it’s creamy flesh makes a wonderful home made conditioner.¬†

Olive oil –¬†Used in the Mediterranean for thousands of years it can both condition and seal moisture into ¬†your hair.

Eggs Р Excellent source of protein that boosts shine and helps soften coarse hair. 

Honey –¬†boost’s shine and helps soften coarse hair.¬†

Apple cider vinegar –¬†It cleanses the scalp and makes your hair shiny.¬†


Food that makes your hair growth 

Image result for food that makes your hair grow

Blueberries ; Oysters; Sweet potatoes; Walnuts; Spinach; Salmon; Eggs; Lentils….¬†


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