Highlighter Tips for the Perfect Glow

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If you’re a makeup enthusiast, I’m sure you’re very familiar with highlighter

Here are some highlighter tips you might find useful:

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Cream highlighters, for instance, are great if you have dry skin because it will not make it look flaky or emphasize the dryness while powder is perfect if you want to achieve a very subtle glow.

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Pick the perfect highlight colour – highlighters come in a variety of colours and each colour can give off a different effect so picking the right color is crucial to achieving the perfect glow. Champagne and bisque tone highlighters are universally flattering but peach and pink toned ones are great for adding that radiant look.

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Know where to highlight – basically, you’ll want to put your highlighter on the high points on your faces including the nose bridge, the center of your forehead, your cupids bow, the highest points of your cheeks.

During the Summer you will sweat. Keep your highlighter on point with a bit of powder over it.

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  • Focus on the high points of the face.
  • Sweep a little under the eyebrow and a bit on the Cupid’s bow of your lip.
  • With a small brush, run a line of highlighter down the bridge of the nose.
  • Place a dab at the top of the cheekbone making sure not to apply any to the apple.
  • Blend in with a sponge or tap in with your fingers.
  • Take a clean sweep across the face lightly to blend any lines.
  • Finish with a translucent powder just on the T-zone and on the sides of the nose.
  • Highlighter is also beautiful placed on the tops of shoulder and along the collarbone.


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Anita xx

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